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Couples have many options when it comes to ending a marriage or domestic partnership.

Parties may reach a negotiated settlement through mediation using a neutral mediator, via the collaborative law process or simply by agreement of the parties with or without lawyers.  Litigation is available to couples who are unable to come to an agreement and who wish to seek the assistance of the court in resolving some or all of their issues.

We are familiar with all of the options available to divorcing couples and will counsel you as to the most appropriate approach for your situation.  In addition to representing clients in litigation, we act as consulting counsel to parties in mediation as well as to parties acting as their own attorneys who are seeking advice about their case.

Determining how to divide up assets and debts is one of the primary issues facing divorcing couples.

The assets must be characterized as community or separate, valued and then allocated among the parties, either by agreement or by court order.

We have experience handling the full range of asset division issues, from sophisticated business interests, to stock options and retirement plans.

Child and spousal support differ in many ways.

While child support is typically calculated using a court formula, spousal support is often negotiated and subject to broader judicial discretion.

We are experienced in handling all aspects of child and spousal support and will determine firstly whether support is owed and then the appropriate amount of support.

Custody is often the biggest concern facing parties to a family law proceeding.

The custody and visitation needs of each family vary greatly, but the primary concern is always the best interests of the children.

While our goal is to help our clients reach an agreed custody schedule, we represent clients in the broad range of contested custody issues, whether you are a stay-at-home or working parent, or a parent objecting to or requesting a move away.

Pre-marital agreements are agreements entered into by parties before marriage, while post-marital agreements are agreements entered into by married persons after their marriage has begun.

Both types of agreements typically set forth the parties’ wishes in the event of separation or divorce with respect to such issues as the division of assets and support to be paid.

We understand the complexity of such agreements and the need to skillfully negotiate them to meet our clients’ needs and safeguard their interests.

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